A Parent’s Guide to Video Games

Video games are a great form of entertainment for many children globally. However, video games are highly addictive, and if not controlled, children can develop bad habits. Thus, the following are tips to help you as a parent ensure that your child does not spend too much time playing video games and lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle:


Children Should Have Regular Exercises Outside Video Gaming

As a parent, ensure that your children have time to exercise and play sports outside of video games. Make outdoor exercises fun by having a variety of physical activities to choose from, such as cycling, going to a fitness club, skating, swimming, horse riding, and many more. Additionally, indoor activities such as dancing and doing yoga are great alternatives other than watching video games the whole day. Besides, encourage your children to try new activities and engage in physical activity with friends.


Set Time Limit To Play Video Games

Ensure you limit the time your kids spend playing video games. This should be done as early as possible and consistently to ensure that your children do not develop any bad habits. An excellent way to do this is by setting a timer on your children’s gaming console so you can make sure they do not spend too much time playing video games. Depending on your kids’ ages, a recommended time video game playing time limit should be implemented. For instance, one hour each day is sufficient for children under five years old.


Have Rules and Stick to It

With your children, set rules regarding watching videos to ensure a balance of activities and healthy lifestyle habits development. For instance, video games should not be played during sleep, homework, and eating, among others. Besides, video games can only be watched after certain activities have been done, such as completing homework or arranging toys, among other activities. Training your child to balance video gaming with other activities is a great way to teach your children to be responsible in life.


Be a Good Example for Your Children

Make sure you set an excellent example for your children. If you play video games yourself, it is only natural that your kids will follow suit. This is why you need to make sure that the video games you play are not violent and do not have any sexual content. Moreover, you should ensure that the video games you play do not have any language or graphic violence involved to help prevent your child from developing such tendencies.


Have Time for Other Activities

Based on the age of your child, you can set time for other types of activities such as reading books, helping around with house chores (cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry), watching TV shows, buying groceries, playing with young kids, and many others after playing video games. This will help the kids get the right balance of entertainment and gain essential life skills to be independent in the future.


Get Involved During Play Time Whenever Possible

You can also involve yourself in video gameplay by being an active participant, or you can choose to watch and cheer. This will allow you ample time to monitor what the children are doing and make sure they are not doing anything harmful at their age. Furthermore, being a companion during play is a great way to bond with your children and have fun as a family.

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