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Hi there. I hope you are doing good. Well, today I am going to show you the best Minecraft kill command. You can use this to kill all command Minecraft. So, let’s get into it.

You cannot customize your Minecraft world just due to the mobs. Right? Moreover, you are tired of killing all he mobs be by one.It really hurts when you can customize your world just because of the mobs.

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So you are in the right place. In this article, we will show you the best Minecraft kill command.

Alright, so before getting into it you might be wondering that what are mobs. Don’t worry we will tell you below.

Mobs: Everything you need to know about mobs

The word mob is actually the shorted form of Mobile in minecraft. They may be animals, monsters, or any living creatures in Minecraft. For example, Horse and llama, etc.

So these are simple mobs but in addition to that, there are also other mobs which are known as Hostile Mobs. There are the mobs about which you have to worry about. They have a clear cut aim. These mobs try to reach the players and kill them.

That is why you have to worry about that mobs.

These mobs are actually the main enemies in Minecraft. Normally they are in the form of spiders, zombies, and creepers. This one seems to be totally real life because some mobs kill the player during the night while the others kill at day. Just like a real-life predator.

Alright, I think the introduction is quite enough. Now let’s get into the main post which is Minecraft kill command.

Below I have presented the commands which you can use to kill the hostile mobs and then you will be able to enjoy your game.

Minecraft Kill Command

Type of command                                                   Command

Kill all players                                                            /kill@a

Kill the closest player                                            /kill@p

Kill any random player                                          /kill@r

Kill those players who are                                  /kill@s

running the command


minecraft kill command

Now, you have seen the Minecraft kill command. You might be wondering why you would kill the mobs. I mean what is the benefit fr you to kill them. Also, they are quite cute then why I should kill them. Well, don’t worry this question comes in mind so we have an answer for you.

You have created a world in Minecraft if well this is not possible without mobs. Since they reach the player and try to kill them therefore you are unable to build your stunning world.

If you are a true player of Minecraft you may know that you can kill the mobs by Diamond sword But hold on You can kill them one by one by using this. This seems not to be a great option to kill the mobs. Because you killed one mob then the next will come out and this will continue.

How you can handle this flood of mobs. Well, the answer is quite simple. You can use the kill command t kill them. It is simple as 1 2 3. In my personal opinion, this option seems to be a great choice to kill those mobs who are interrupting your beautiful world design.

How you can kill all the mobs in Minecraft?

Killing all the mobs at a time is not an easy task. It is much time taking and requires your effort. So this one seems to be frustrating but wait, this is necessary because unless you kill them you cannot build your beautiful world.

As I have described above you can use a Diamond sword to kill them but it is not convenient at all.

So the best way to kill them is by Minecraft kill command.

Here are some ways you can try to kill the hostile mobs in Minecraft. I hope you like these methods.

How you can kill a particular mob?

You want to kill a particular mob right? then you should follow these steps:

  • First, aim at the mob directly.
  • Type /kill
  • You can use @e to target the whole entities.
  • Then type this [type=cow] Applying this command will kill all the cows.
  • Now simple press Enter to execute the command.



Kill all mobs

You want to kill all the mobs in Minecraft then do the following:

  • Type /kill
  • Type @e to target
  • Now type [type=!player] This will kill all the mobs.
  • Now, as usual, press enter to execute the command.


minecraft kill command

Kill the mob by its UUID

If you are a true player of Minecraft then you may know that each entity has a unique UUID ( Universally Unique Identifier ). You can also kill the mob by using its UUID if you follow the given instructions:

As always, look at the mob.

  • Type /kill
  • You will see a unique ID poping up.
  • Select that UUID.
  • Now hit enter. This will execute the command.

Note: Sometimes there may be an error or bug in Minecraft which will not show you the UUID ( Universally Unique Identifier) So, if you face this problem, simply restart the game. This will fix the bug.





FAQ’s for Minecraft kill command


What is Minecraft Kill Command?

They may be defined as a specific command or an order which is used t kill a particular entity.


Which command is used for flying in Minecraft?

Type /gamemode 1 this will take you to the creative menu from there press SPACE twice to fly.


Remember: You can’t kill mobs or use commands in Xbox 360 and PS3 ( Play Station 3 ).



Since killing the mob with a diamond sword is a manual process therefore it requires much time and effort to do so. Also, all the mobs are not killed. The flood of mobs kept on coming.

So the best way is to use the Minecraft kill command. This is much easier to use and convenient also. Applying this command will also kill all the mobs which may be a big hurdle for you.


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If you are facing any problem try these:

Make sure that you have downloaded the game from trusted websites like oceanofgames. Because downloading from other low-quality websites may cause a significant chance of a corrupted game or maybe a virus.

Make sure that the antivirus or windows defender is turned off.

Check that you have a stable internet connection.

Alright, this is today’s post. I hope you like it. Kindly comment below your opinions about Minecraft kill command so that I can produce more quality content for you in near future.


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minecraft kill command
Minecraft kill command

This activity is meant for only fun purposes don’t take it so seriously and enjoy these tricks to run your game much better than before. I hope you will understand.


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