GTA SA Cheat menu v5 – Download cheat menu for GTA SA

Well, are you looking for GTA SA Cheat menu? Right. Then you have come to the right website because today I will show you how to download GTA SA cheat menu and install it.

But before getting started, make sure to know what it is. It is a menu which gives you all cheats which you can use in GTA San Andreas. Since remembering cheats is quite often and it makes too frustrating for the player to type each cheat.

Alright, now let’s move on to the main post, which is the GTA sa cheat menu.


To run this game, you will have to install CLEO 4.

Now, once you have the Cleo 4, you are just 1 step ready to go.

First, download the GTA sa cheat menu.

Extract the file with the password given below:

by hindiĀ urdu gaming

Now, copy the cheats.cs file and paste in it Cleo folder.

gta sa cheat menu



Next, Copy cheats.fxt and paste in its Cleo_text folder.

gta sa cheat menu


Well, you are done. Now you can easily access the GTA sa cheat menu.

How to use GTA sa cheat menu

  • Open GTA San Andreas
  • When the game is fully loaded, press CTRL+C.
  • Pressing that key will show you the list.

From there, you can easily select all the cheats available in-game.

gta sa cheat menu

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Author credits:

Author full name: Unrated69

Version: 5

Note: I am not affiliated with this author r mood. I am just promoting it to my readers. They all can access this me for free since it is a free mod.


If you want to reach me, you can contact me.

You might be wondering what the purpose of this mod is. Well, this mod is beneficial for gamers because it saves a lot of time to type that cheat. Sometimes you are in a hurry, and you don’t have enough time to sort that cheat, so in that case, you can easily use the.

This mod is perfect for real players of GTA sa.

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