Best Places to Find Free Images for Your Blogs

Photography is one of the best skills that someone with a creative mind and a mind with a thirst to earn money. One of the best things about this skill is that you can get a very decent price for stock photos by investing a very minimum amount of time and money and sell them online.

People today are not willing to upgrade their skills, as a result, many bloggers and their blogs still have pictures showing a shaking hand, a wall clock or something like this. But these pictures still cost a lot of money. For people who are not willing to spend much on such pictures find stock pictures or stock photographs very useful. And the best thing about it is that one can get them for free. If you want to click pictures yourself, you can learn from different photography maestros who work for channels like National Geographic, Discovery and many other channels. These channels are available if you are using Spectrum TV Select Channels. Let’s have a look at the different platforms that can help you add more to your blogs

If you are looking for a large selection of free stock photos and high-resolution images, the place can help you by providing a very easy-to-use searching feature. So if you are looking forward to work on your website or want to create a print brochure, you will find some compelling and eye-catching pictures for your website or blog. You can even find some commercial-grade pictures for free. There is a wide selection of pictures and finds thousands of amazing and high-quality pictures every day.


Unsplash is one of the best places for people who are looking for a platform that is dedicated to share stock photos licensed under Unsplash. It is considered as one of the leading photography websites by CNET. Forbes, Medium and many other sources. One of the reasons for getting mentioned on such renowned platforms is that these guys hand-select photos and make sure that only the best quality pictures make it through their display. The place is home to a growing community of professionals, brands and many other people who seek stock photos for free or at an affordable price.


This is a resource powered by Shopify that can help people like entrepreneurs and other professionals with different stock photos. Many photos that you might find on Burst are licensed under CC0 while others fall under license by Shopify. The platform was launched for people who might want pictures for entrepreneurs and help them make their websites better.


This platform provides users with high quality and free stock photos that are licensed under

Creative Commons Zero or CC0. People using Pexels get photos that are nicely tagged and are searchable. You can find discovering different pictures using the discover pages and easy browsing


Reshot has a massive library of free stock photos that are handpicked and can’t be found anywhere else. The idea behind Reshot is to provide support to projects that are associated with freelancers, startups and users who work independently on different projects. Reshot aims to unite creators and use and exchange free visual content keeping in mind high-quality standards. The platform also works as a starting platform for photographers who want to display their work to individuals and businesses online.


This is a diverse community of content creators who make it possible for Pixabay to provide free images and videos and are released under the Pixabay License. This makes the images safe to use. Pixabay offers a wide range of free stock photos, illustrations, vectors released under the CC0

Using stock photos for your websites, social media and blog posts can add more value to your personal space online and for your business as well. Also, these free photo platforms help you save the time, effort and money required to take a fresh click and then post on your blog. This is very helpful for people who are not skilled enough to use a DSLR camera and other equipment and click pictures for their blog posts.

For photographers, these websites provide a very profitable platform where they can display their art and earn as well. Thousands of businesses and individuals are always looking for some high-quality images for their business websites and blogs.

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