Compress PDF file online – Reduce PDF file size with online utilities

If you want to reduce the PDF files, you have to make sure that you use the online PDF compressor tools. Without the online PDF compressor tools, the compression of PDF files is close to impossible.

Large-sized PDF files can create a lot of trouble for you, and so you must compress the large PDF files to avoid all the relevant problems. Large PDF files cannot be opened on any device; they can create storage issues for your device, you can’t share them with anyone, and you cannot simply upload them.

If you face similar issues with your large PDF files, you can connect with one of the online PDF compressor tools that we have listed below!

Best Online PDF Compressor tools that would reduce file size!

Out of dozens of PDF compressor tools and applications on the web, we have shortlisted the most reliable ones for you guys!

Compress PDF with Duplichecker

The compress PDF tool by Duplichecker is among the leading utilities found online. This online pdf Compressor is absolutely free and very easy to use. Even a person with no experience can learn how to shrink the files in the first go. You have to open this PDF compressor by Duplichecker on your browser and upload the large pdf files to reduce pdf size in it. After feeding the input file, all you need is to hit the compress button and see the magic work. This Compress pdf tool would reduce your file size by more than 50% without affecting the original file’s quality.

Compress PDF with small PDF

Small PDF is a very famous website that can assist you in manipulating PDF files for free. The compressed PDF tool by this website is very much effective and free. You have to open the website on your browser and make an account with it. After signing up, all you have to do is navigate the compressor tool and upload the files in it. The tool would analyze the file and would compress it by more than 60%. There are some limitations in the free version of this tool, and so if you want to enjoy the premium features of a small PDF, you should connect with the paid packages!

Adobe Acrobat 

This is another premium PDF compressor utility that can help you reduce the size of your files online. Adobe can be used online via its website source, and you can also get its application version from the play store. The PDF compressor by adobe can be used for free but with some limitations. However, the paid version of adobe acrobat can help you reduce the size of as many PDF files as you want to. You can also make batch compressions with this compressor tool. If it hadn’t been for the paid version of the tool, we would have given it first place in this post.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another website that can be used for PDF manipulations. One should know that this website offers tons of services relevant to editing, compressing, and converting PDF files. The compressed PDF tool by this website is easy to use and is best for personal users. The PDF compressor by this website is of high quality and very much reliable. The tool can be used online on any of your devices, and you can also get its application version for your desktops. The website also has integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox to upload PDF files from these spaces and easily convert them.

PDF Element 

PDF element is also a powerful platform that can help you in all sorts of PDF management. The PDF compressor tool of this website is very much reliable. The tool can help you shrink the PDF file to your desired level. The best thing about this PDF compressor is that it keeps intact the quality of the PDF file in the process of compression so that the file remains readable.  You should also know that this online PDF compressor can handle the compression of complete batches of files. This website is considered to be best for commercial users.

PDF compressor by SmallSeoTools

This PDF compressor tool is among the top reliable tools of this website. One should know that this online PDF compressor by SmallSEOTools is not only free but is also easy to use. The tool shares universal compatibility, and so you can use it on any device you want without any hassle. You have to input the large PDF files in the upload box of the tool, and from there, you can easily start the compression process. The tool hardly takes ten seconds for shrinking and reducing the size of a single PDF file. This compress PDF tool is known to be best for shrinking PDF images!

All of these compress PDF tools have a good reputation on the web. They can easily help you in making the most accurate online compressions without any cost. Using online PDF compressor tools, you can save a lot of expenses and efforts consumed in manual reduction!


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