Hi-Tech Solutions in Changing World

You probably know that we are speeding towards a new dimension in digital technology, as we await the arrival of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) and this means a change of equipment, mainly going from mechanical to digital. We are already seeing touch-screen technology in our lives; at restaurants, banks and government buildings, for example, while huge digital advertising boards are popping up all over cities. Many of the digital devices we use will be connected to AI via the IoT and that offers amazing possibilities. There are apps for almost anything nowadays, find out the price and purpose of it in the article right here.

Technical Logistics

As you would expect with highly technical equipment, transportation and installation is best left to specialist UK white glove logistics providers such as Rhenus High Tech, who offer a wide range of technical logistics services for a range of industries. Imagine the difficulty level of handling an MRI scanner and installing it on the 5th floor of a large hospital? Such a project would require a lot of planning, with a team of white glove technicians who would take possession of the equipment near the final destination and they would be responsible for everything from that time on.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is likely to be the biggest addition to the business world with almost unlimited potential, as AI systems manage digital devices on the IoT, with air and road traffic being managed by machine learning. Is there really any limit with machines that can learn? We will soon find out soon, as the pace of digital development continues and our lives should be transformed in many ways. Data science is a growing sector that plays a major role in community development.

Touch-Screen Technology

We see touch-screens everywhere; restaurants, banks and museums and eventually, this interactive methodology will replace buttons. Digital vending and gaming machines already incorporate this technology and the white glove logistics company is responsible for installation and maintenance.


Perhaps the fastest growing sector, robots have long been used in manufacturing plants and when combines with AI, the results are there to see. In healthcare, there are special robots that carry out delicate brain surgery and automation is playing a larger role in the medical sector, taking the load of the doctors in many ways.

Facial Recognition

In Chinese cities, they are already using state of the art facial recognition software that tracks the movements of all their citizens, not that everyone is in agreement as to whether this is actually progress. While we already have CCTV cameras everywhere, when merged with facial recognition, tracking people is relatively simple if you have the right hardware and software. Access to government buildings can easily be managed with facial recognition or retina scan technology and this will be the future of security.

One of the fastest growing sectors is the white glove industry that is dedicated to installing and maintaining hi-tech equipment and should you ever be in need of technical logistics, Google is your best friend and can help you get in touch with the best local provider. Here is some UK government information about transport logistics, which is transforming, thanks to the digital revolution.

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