Overlanding: The Newest Travel Trend

We humans are pretty ingenious when it comes to getting around and the latest trend is rather rugged, namely going overland in a specialised vehicle to visit remote places. As you can imagine, overlanding can be very challenging and a great deal of planning and preparation would need to be carried out before driving through Europe and into North Africa. Land borders are relatively easy to cross, as there are no conflicts (in most countries), and the thought of driving down to the South of France and onto Bosnia, Serbia and Greece is very appealing to many motorists.

Specialist Vehicles

You’ll need a lot more than the average SUV if you are planning to visit the Mongolian Steppes and the leading UK Land Rover dealer, Nene Overland have you covered when it comes to overland vehicles, with Jeep, Ford Ranger and Toyota models, both new and used. Your choice of vehicle for overlanding is critical and if you want the best advice, talk to a Land Rover dealer and tell them what you have in mind. This is quite an investment, of course and whether you are part exchanging your old SUV or looking for low-interest finance, a Google search will take you to a specialist dealership with quality overland vehicles.

Hi-Tech Help

Driving a few thousand miles over rough terrain is no longer the ordeal it once was; there are lots of hi-tech gadgets to assist you in many ways. Buy a solar blanket and a series of deep cycle batteries and you have energy independence; simply unroll the blanket on your vehicle roof, hook it up and you will have as much power as you need. Click here for tips on jumpstarting a vehicle, which you might have to do at some point.


You don’t want to get lost in some remote location and with GPS set up correctly, you will always know where you are. The latest generation of in-car entertainment systems incorporate Google Maps and other networks; you can plan your trip and program every stage, ensuring you take the best route.  Google Earth is also a great tool and you can zoom in on any location on the planet, which is more than a little useful.

Arranging an Expedition

You might fancy a trip to Siberia or take in the sights of Scandinavia, both of which would require serious planning and preparation. Visas and insurance are essential aspects that need to be obtained well in advance and the Internet can help you with that. You might need to search for vehicle repair workshops prior to setting off, taking note of their location. Search online to find out what’s happening on the ground at various places, which will help you plan your trip and should you need to book accommodation, do it online.

Overlanding is a Passion

Like camping, overlanding is very addictive and it only takes a single expedition to get you hooked. Most people change the way they holiday and always overland when possible and over a few years, you become very competent and can take on tougher destinations.

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