How Much Does It Cost to Use an Online Video Maker?

By now, you most likely understand that online video makers are the best choice for your marketing videos. It is no longer news that the most prominent businesses and companies rely on the features of these online video-makers to create and edit their videos. Some good online video editors you can use are Animoto, Adobe Spark, Promo, Wave, etc. So visit this site to learn more about one of the best in the biz.

You might be wondering, how much does it cost to create a video using these platforms? The good news is; we will talk about the cost of video creation in this article. Many years ago, the conventional way to create and edit a marketing video was to hire a professional. Which means it was a complicated process back then. Only a few understood the process and were able to accomplish that.

Now, there are better ways of creating videos for your marketing objectives. Don’t worry too much about the cost, because you are about to find out how cheap it really is.

Cost of Hiring a Professional Vs. Using an Online Video Maker

There are many things to consider when determining the cost of hiring a professional video editor to create videos for you. One of the major factors in determining the pricing is the number of hours or days it takes to complete one video project. Moreover, what determines the number of hours a professional spends on creating a video could be the sophisticated aspect of editing.

Moreover, professional editors charge per project, which means you pay them on completion of each project. Therefore, it is not a good model since you will spend the same or more amount per project.

This is where the online video maker comes in. It allows you to create multiple videos either free of charge or at a lower price which you pay just once, and you get to use the service as much as you like. Suppose you are still in doubt about the cost-effectiveness between these two. In that case, you should know that using an online video maker is a better option.

Free Version of an Online Video Maker

As we have stated earlier, there are free versions and premium versions. The paid version has three or four membership plans. However, it is safe to classify them this way. It is rare or impossible to find a free online video maker as there will always be an in-app purchase. We will talk about the paid version later in the article.

From the name, the free version means you are not paying for the service. Most online video makers have this feature. They allow you to access some or all their features for free. It is so unique, especially if you do not have a big budget or no money at all to run your ad campaign. There are limitations to using the free version. However, depending on your marketing goal, it might not matter.

Limitations of Free Versions

One of the limitations you find on some free versions is the inability to download videos bigger than a minute. Some online video makers like Biteable only allow you to make a video of 60 seconds or less in its free version. In its paid version, you might have access to creating unlimited video duration.

Some free versions might also have limitations for the number of templates and video clips that you could use. The problem with the free version is you find similar video templates used by a maximum number of people. So it might not be a great idea to use them for the business of branding purposes. It is because they might not be unique enough for you.

Another thing with the free version is the addition of a watermark. A good example is Kapwing which put a watermark and its logo on your work. If you are making a video specifically for fun, this might not matter. However, if it is for a business purpose, you should pay to remove the watermark.

Therefore, if all the limitations of the accessible version of online video makers are okay with you, you can go for it and save yourself tons of money.

Paid Version of an Online Video Maker

The paid version allows you to use some premium features to make your videos more professionally accepted or make the creation process easy for you. Different platforms have different membership or in-app payments they charge for their premium version. Some have every feature available for free but only charge a fee to remove the watermark.

What do you get to enjoy by using the paid version? Depending on the platform, paid version often gives you access to more features than the free one.

One important feature you should expect to see in the paid version is access to thousands and millions of video clips and templates. You will get templates that suit your marketing objective, and at the same time not too popularly used on social media. In addition, the paid version allows you to make long videos, unlike the free version limiting the duration of videos you can download.

On some video-making platforms like Animoto, you can collaborate with other professionals. It allows for teamwork and decision-making. For example, suppose you are the CEO of a company and want to decide on the best video to use. The collaboration feature of the paid version allows hastening the decision-making process.

Parting Words On Online Video Maker

This is the point where you ask for the actual cost of online video makers. As discussed earlier, the free version is available for free, and the paid version comes at a price. Most times, it comes in a subscription. The subscription could be monthly or yearly. The monthly subscription often ranges from $15 to $40, while the annual subscription often ranges from $150 – $390. So take your time and do as much research as possible.

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