Which Water Purifier is available at a Reasonable Price in India?

We all know that water has the best solvent properties because pollutants like bacteria, viruses, and many harmful chemicals are dissolved in it easily and make the water polluted. Sometimes even the waterborne diseases caused by consuming this unfiltered water become so serious that they cause a threat to life. Therefore, to prevent your loved ones from such type of hazards, a purifier is a must-have kitchen appliance in your home.

But, before buying a water filter, you must know which water purifier is best for home use and what kind of filtered drinking water and functions you must be looking for.

There are three main types of water purifiers that are popular for daily use. They are Gravity based or non-electric water purifier, UV water purifier, and an RO water purifier.

1. Gravity Based or Non-Electric Water Purifier

These types of purifiers rely mostly on gravity for water purification. Here you have to pour water into the upper tank of the filter manually. This, however, can be a heavy task for older adults.

These gravity-based water purifiers are suitable for purifying water with TDS or total dissolved solids content with less than 500 mg/liter. It means that these purifiers are acceptable to clean bore well water, muddy or even rusty in color. In many Indian states, municipal tap water is full of chlorine, fluorine, and other salts, making them unsuitable for gravity-based purifiers.

They are best to remove bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and any turbidity in the water. However, it is not suitable for viruses, heavy metals, or even chemical content in the waste.

2. UV Water Purifier

The UV water purifiers come with a pre-filter and a UF cartridge to eliminate all the microorganisms from purified water. It can clean water that has TDS of up to 500 mg/liter.

The main advantages of UV purifiers are:

–        They are more effective in killing germs than UF purifiers

–        They are also completely automatic

3. RO Water Purifiers

RO purifiers don’t face any UV or UV filters, and it provides pure distilled water. But the main problem with RO purifiers is not with their purification but the unnatural water produced after multiple purification process stages. It mostly happens when people install an RO purifier to clean water that has a TDS level of less than 500. In these cases, the TDS in purified water reduces to less than 50 mg/liter.

Reverse Osmosis filters are best for high TDS level areas because it helps in removing heavy metals, Fluoride, Arsenic, and other toxic impurities, if present, from the tap water. It also helps remove some essential minerals which is why it is important to ensure that the water purifier has a TDS controller.

Here are some reasonable RO water purifier prices available in India:

a)HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

HUL Pureit has launched a new RO purifier known as ‘Eco Water Saver Mineral’, and as the name suggests, this purifier provides pure and sweet purified water with the highest water-saving technology. It has some unique features, as this purifier is India’s first RO purifier that can recover up to 60% of water to minimize water wastage. A normal RO purifier recovers only 25 to 30% water, and this Eco Water Saver from Pureit can reduce water wastage by over 100%.


–        It has seven stages of RO+UV+MF purification: Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Mesh Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UV Chamber, Post-RO Carbon Filter, and Micro Filter Membrane.

–        It is suitable for water from borewell, tanker, and municipal tap.

–        It has a large storage tank of up to ten liters.

–        It has a purification capacity of up to 24 liters/hour.

–        It has a 60% of water recovery rate.

–        It purified water with a high TDS of up to 2000 mg/l.

–        It has LED indicators for a filter change, storage tank empty/full, and machine error.

–        It also shuts off purification automatically if the filters are not changed on time.

b)HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF 7 Stage Water Purifier

This purifier from HUL is an ideal product for large families of 5 to 6 members. It has a storage capacity of up to 10 liters. This black beauty water filter purifies contaminated water through a UV and RO process. It terminated 10 million germs as well as impurities from 1 liter of water in no time.

This model even contains an advanced alert system that can indicate the time to change the GermKill cartridge. It also comes with a TDS controller and a modulator.


–        It comes with alerts to change required filters.

–        It has an electronic display panel which shows all the functions of the machine.

–        It has seven-stage of purification of the toxic water through RO+UV+MF filtration.

–        The purification capacity is 28 liters/hour.

–        It also has a double purity lock, ensuring that no single drop of impure water passes out from the purifier.

c)HUL Pureit Advanced RO+MF Water Purifier

This Pureit Advanced Water Purifier has a storage capacity of up to five liters and comes with an automatic shut-off system that switches off the machine when the tank is full. It will also start to work automatically when the storage tank is empty. This chic water purifier comprises highly long-lasting grade plastic, making for trouble-free cleaning and maintaining the purifier.

This machine can process impure hard water with a TDS level of up to 1800 ppm, and the model also has an in-built diaphragm pump. It works perfectly in areas with pressure ranging from 5 to 30 PSI.


–        It is made using a high grade engineered plastic

–        It helps in water wastage by storing the rejected water in a separate tank during the filtration process.

–        It is best for only couples or families.

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