How technology is helping the environment by helping to avoid illegal dumping.

The unpleasant and unhygienic act of dumping litres randomly is very annoying and can be very unfriendly for the environment too. We live on this earth and hence, this earth is suffering because of us. If we won’t take care of this place, soon it will stop taking our care and we will not have a place to breathe fresh. Today at EcoDumpster you’d get to know how technology is helping the environment by helping avoid illegal dumping.

  • Digital eye monitoring:

We all have almost tried every possible way to avoid dumping, but it didn’t stop. Hence we need to migrate towards digital inventions. We can fit cameras in a public place and monitor people through the camera. This will be known as digital eye monitoring. People dumping garbage in public places will be caught through a camera and can be punished. Public places like Museums, Zoo, Parks, Cinemas, Restaurants, and other places where there is a higher chance of huge gathering. Not only this but during events like concerts and plays should also be strictly monitored through cameras. During this time, there is a higher chance of dumping.  

  • Sensors:

Another thing a country can do is to install sensors with equally divided ranges. The senor would detect if someone litre in public places. Once the sensor has been detected, it would further alarm the person. Of course, no one wants to be in the hot water. So the person would eventually pick up the litter and throw it in the bin. If not, then plenty should be imposed on the one. This is another effective way to avoid illegal dumping through technology and this is a much-needed act to be done

  • Auto-cleaning:

This way is an effective one but a little more expensive as compared to other ways. Under this, you can invent some trucks that would need a driver to drive. The truck would pass through every road and automatically collect the entire litre. Latter the garbage can be dumped into its right places and further treated as per rules or laws. This can be a little more expensive and puzzling method but it is very effective for sure. However, the sad part is that it would only collect the litre and dump it, and people would continue littering. However, it is still effective to keep the environment clean. 

Final Words: Although cleaning is a part of basic ethics many people throughout the world lack this basic means of living. What goes around comes around. If we keep on dumping illegally, soon this place will become a disaster for us and we won’t be able to find shelter. Fresh air would be a dream for us. Change begins within yourself. It shouldn’t be government or officials dragging us to keep the environment clean, instead; it should be ourselves, as a responsible citizen, dumping litter into the bins and keeping the environment clean. Make this world a better place. 

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