How to use VivaVideo App on PC?

Video editing is never been an easy task for new user and it takes time to be an expert on this skill.

Now here I have one solution if you are used to editing videos with the viva video app on mobile or pc.

Because here I cover how you can download and install the viva video app on your windows or mac.

This is the free video maker and edits available for the android and ios devices with all the basic editing features.

Not only cutting, trimming, or merging video but viva video app induced some premium features like special effects, add background music, add images in videos, etc.

Yes, it will have no advanced features as any pc video player app has but yes it will do all your simple tasks.

Now the problem with the viva video app is not available on the windows or mac store so here we must have to use an android emulator.

Android emulator is the app that helps you to download and install the android apps on your pc.

It will create a virtual android environment on your pc and after that, you can use it like your android phone.

Let’s get discuss the complete start by step installation of this app on our pc.

How to Download And Install Viva Video App on PC?

As I discussed before that this app is not available on the windows or mac store so we must need an android emulator.

So follow the below process:

  • First, visit the official website, download the blue stacks android emulator and install it.
  • Here you have two options to install the viva video app on pc: one from play store and another one with apk file.
  • So open the play store app and search for the viva video app and install it on your pc as we install the app on our android phone.
  • Or drag and drop viva video apk file into an emulator and it will automatically install the app on the emulator.

And done! this is the complete installation process of this app on the windows pc.

If you are the mac user and want to install the viva video on the mac then the process will be the same as above.

It is a little difficult in the mac to import images and videos files from the external storage in the emulator.

Otherwise, all other things will be the same as you normally see in your viva video mobile editor app.


It is simple to download and install the viva video on pc with the help of the android emulator. No matter which os you are using including windows and mac.

All the features of the mobile app like video blur, add free music, subtitle, text, or effects on video are also available on the pc app.

I recommend you use an external mouse while editing videos on pc with this app, it will increase your productivity.

And yes it also supports all the keyboard shortcut as you use on the mobile app.

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