How to Draw a Surfboard 

If you are the kind of person who loves spending your holidays at the beach, you won’t miss knowing about popular activities like swimming. Among the most common activities that you can engage yourself in is surfing.

However, it is key to note that the average price of a surfboard depends on the design and complexion. Whether you want to teach your loved ones or kids what a surfboard looks like, before buying one, you will have to know how to draw one. This guide will equip you with steps on how to draw a surfboard from scratch.

#Step One

In this step, it is critical to understand the designs of surfboards and different types. In this guide, you will be able to draw a simple thin surfboard. A surfboard must be thin to easily glide and maintain high stability through the water at high speed.

Now, you need to draw the first outer curved line either to the right or left, whichever side you are comfortable with. The line can be thick or thin, but it is easy to start with thin if you are a starter.

Ensure that your line curves are more or sharp towards the end. Here is an illustration of what you are expected to draw.

#Step Two

In this step, you will be drawing the rest of the surfboard outline. Now you can draw a line diagonally onto the line that you initially drew from the bottom. Draw another extending line long enough and ensure it curves just like the first one.

The long line that you draw should meet the first line at the top on a sharp point. To give the body a thickness look, you need to draw another line, the edge on the right hand.

#Step Three

In this step, it is vital you know of the base of a surfboard that has what is referred to as fins. These are also called skegs by other people. The skegs in a surfboard are used to aid with extra stability. They are also vital for giving control over directions.

Having known of the skegs, then drawing won’t be much of a hustle. All you need to do is draw two lines that are curved at the base of the surfboard. These lines should meet or make a sharp point. Having drawn that now you are good to proceed to the next step.

#Step Four

In this step, all you need to work on now is the interiors of the surfboard. Keenly before adding anything on your drawn surfboard, add a straight line from the surfboard’s tip straight to the board’s base on the other side.

Once done with adding a straight line from one tip to the other, you can proceed to the next step.

#Step Five

On this step, all now you need is to add some décor to your surfboard. You can add some hotrod frames to make it look luminous and magnificent. You can use curved or lines that are rounded to create different designs of décor.

#Step Six

The essence of this step is to add color to your surfboard. The color choice depends on your taste.

Having achieved this, you could have drawn an attractive surfboard.

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