How to grow on Instagram: tips to increase your popularity

Instagram needs no introduction. Today, more than 1 billion people are using this platform. But only creating a profile is not enough if you want to grow on this social platform. It is not a cup of tea when it comes to increasing your popularity. Instagram is not a simple social, but a digital social media advertising platform with growth rates that exceed those of Facebook.

Most companies/people have understood the importance and influence of this social network in users’ purchasing decisions! Many manage to start real businesses due to some simple strategies. Continue reading the article and find out how to grow on Instagram and how to increase Instagram followers due to these simple tips to follow!

How to grow on Instagram: Brand identity

The first thing to know to start using Instagram to sell a product or service is to create your own brand reputation. Or share your vision and goals that allow users to understand who you are immediately and the advantages they would have in following you.

Standing out is the key!

Creating high-level content, creating impactful visual storytelling will help you retain your Instagram followers and always win new ones. 

How to have an effective brand identity?

The description and the bio are the first things a user sees as soon as he lands on your profile. Therefore, it must be strictly linked to the brand. What you choose to share in the short space made available by Instagram must be representative of your history. Moreover, your offer and your values must be able to explain to users what you do. It is better to aim for a precise and clear image such as a logo or a photo in the focus and a captivating description.

Well, structured grid:

 Tell your story using space in a creative, orderly, simple, and beautiful way. A brand could build its success by strengthening its brand awareness through a post in response to a question, or through an impactful creative image.


Most brands have now adopted video marketing as a growth strategy, and the frequency of video posts and the number of stories on Instagram has gradually increased in recent years. The video posts and stories allow a company to show the world who it is and what you do in a matter of seconds.

People want real connections; the personalization of the relationship has gone as far as reaching face to face with their followers, whether it is Instagram stories, Instagram TV, or a simple video post. Instagram now allows you to share videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds in landscape or square format, so learn to make the most of them.

How to grow on Instagram: The right target

To increase your popularity, you absolutely must find people interested in your product or service, collecting many likes and followers of people who do not have a real interest in the long run.

How to find your target?

A simple and fast way can be to choose the right #hashtag, due to which you will have the opportunity to attract a greater number of people interested in your brand. Remember that to be visible to the right people; you need to choose the right tags. The hashtags are divided by topic; search for what is right for you and your product.

How to grow on Instagram: Editorial plan and scheduled posts

Among the questions we often hear is when and how much to publish.

Well, there is no precise answer to this question; it depends on each case.

Study the behaviors and habits of your followers and try to understand at what moment of the day your contents manage to catch their attention more easily. The easiest way to understand it is to test; only by trying to publish at different times can you understand the moment that converts the most! 

Do not limit yourself to taking the tests only in the first periods of activity of your profile. This must be an activity to be carried out several times during the year because the habits of your followers can change! The other point is how much to publish! It is not necessary to publish more photos a day, and every day. It will be of fundamental importance to have a well-structured editorial plan and to start publishing only when you have programmed a certain number of posts to avoid periods of inactivity!

Quality and constancy

So if you think that to increase followers, just publish more posts, and know that it is not. The contents must all have the same quality and the same level because a disordered profile could not help for growth.

Basically, it is better not to spend more than four days between posts. We always recommend three weekly posts, but if you can produce a lot of quality content within the week, then don’t be afraid to publish more. Try to keep the same pace of posts and respect your editorial plan!

How to grow on Instagram: How to increase your followers and engagement?

By continuing to read our article on how to grow on Instagram, we have finally come to the most important question, namely, followers and engagement. We start by saying that Instagram has changed its algorithm, so the advice we give you is to avoid bots or any type of automation that, instead of helping you, could only bring your profile into Shadowban. Or the penalty that affects your posts making your most difficult profile for users to find. To increase the followers on Instagram for free, you have to interact with them, create a lot of activity on your profile, intrigue, make them participate, use all the functions and updates of Instagram to get in touch with them.

Invite your followers to interact with your content.

Needless to look for other ways, the only method that works is to stimulate the involvement and use of interactive content. Interactive content engages your audience more, always attracts new users, increases click-throughs, and offers more opportunities to educate and delight your network. Create an action that stimulates user involvement in your content to activate the algorithm, which consequently will allow the content itself to reach as many people as possible.


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