Mobile gaming is the future of the industry?

There is a reason to believe that the future of the gaming industry will be on the side of the android platform. Android is developing each year and now we can see that more than three billion users are already running with android smartphones. Also, Google announced the android XL and promised us that sooner or later android tablets will remove all competitors and it would be the main platform. So as the platform evolves – each part of the inside is evolving neither. Each day google market adds hundreds of new apps in their store, from daily software and official programs to third-party games from unknown developers.

Three billion users are quite a lot, for example, apple users at this point have just a billion registered devices. This is obviously not a small count, but it’s just a third of what android has. The reason is obvious, android devices sell in all price categories. Whatever budget you got – you can find the android phone for your money. Whether you have a 100 USD or a few thousand. Premium devices are really competitive to the Apple devices and people are still arguing which platform is better. And it seems like they will never stop. If you wish to read more about the android games – consider visiting the Appsitory Blog.

Anyways, let’s have a small talk about the future of android gaming.

What is the biggest problem in android gaming these days?

Relying on the audience surveys we can see that most of the complaints are aimed at the controls part of the games. Sure, android users can already connect the gamepad to their devices, but most gamers don’t prefer to walk this way. First of all – mobile gaming is portable. All you need is your smartphone and you can play from any place in the world. Carrying around the gamepad with you does not seem like a portable solution. Developers are working hard on that case and trying to bring up new ideas about how control could be realized, without blocking the screen. Most likely they need to combine some game features or remove some parts. Androids mostly don’t have many physical buttons so usually all the controls in the game work from the screen.

Cross-platform games

As for now – android games do not really look like the future of the industry. Sure, you can find some rockstar games on android already, you can download some huge racing games and many other things. But console or PC games are much bigger these days, which is quite obvious. You can’t input PC hardware in such a small device as an Android smartphone. But who said that you need to? You can already find some videos on YouTube with PC games running on regular android phones. Just two words to explain that – Cloud Gaming. Android devices are not just smartphones, any chrome book or android tablet is also a part of our future. And any of these devices already could run such games as Cyberpunk with the cloud gaming platforms. You need a fast internet connection and sure you need a gamepad. You can even connect the keyboard with the mouse to your phone if you wish.

But even not replying to this topic – most of the game developers are starting to realize how big the community of Android users is. Probably soon enough we would be able to play online with the users, which is playing from the PC or console. Soon enough hardware of the phones and tablets would be capable of running the same apps you run on your PC and it would be a huge step in gaming. I bet the biggest companies are already preparing for this jump and cross-platform future. Meanwhile, you can check out the best games of 2022 on the Appsitory.

But anyway, even these days we can see a huge jump in the industry. Android gaming is a massive part of it and a huge number of companies are working hard in this field. There is a chance that in the next few years all gaming opportunities would be reachable just by putting the hand in your pocket, so I guess it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that we already live in the future.

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