How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy means being mentally and emotionally fit. Getting fit is not only about eating healthy and exercising. In reality, creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it is all about keeping a positive attitude, vital mental health and a healthy self-image.

Key to Healthy Lifestyle

Drinking more water:

Water is essential for transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout our bodies, carrying out our bodily functions, and removing wastes. Although the amount of water we need depends on various factors, an average adult should usually drink two to three litres a day. 

Getting enough sleep: Generally, a person needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night. It enables us to function well and keeps us healthy. Sleep helps our brain and body to repair, restore and reenergize. 

Eat Unprocessed Foods as less as Possible: The high amount of salt in these foods leads to high blood pressure and heart disease. The added preservatives are harmful to our health, and most nutritional value is lost in the making of processed foods. 

Walking/ Running: By moving our body every day in some way for 30 minutes will create higher bone density and potentially increase our life span as it lowers our risk of diseases. 

Don’t Drink Alcohol:  Excessive alcohol consumption might lead to weight gain and can have adverse effects on your overall health. It also drains water from the body as it is a diuretic. Alcohol affects the proper functioning of our brain, lungs, liver and other major organs. So, it’s better to reduce the consumption or cut it down entirely if possible. 

Preparing our Meals: by preparing our meals, we get to control what goes into them, making it easier for us to make the right healthy choices for our body.

Take time off: We can also take some time off to get rid of any negative self-image and learn and practice to love our selves. Self-love is an essential part of a healthy life. 

Avoid Negativity and end toxic relationships: When we feel that a friend or a person is negative, we should distance ourselves from them. We should always try to stay in a positive state of mind to avoid unhealthy dependence on food to be happy.

Take a break from Technology: Always being on the phone, laptop, or any device is quite harmful to everyone. Staring at a screen, sitting or lying with a device for hours will lead us to experience eye problems, back pain or body pain and many other problems. 

Exercise: Research has indicated that exercising daily is very beneficial for our health. It lowers the risk of diseases, increases bone density and weight loss, and increases our life span. 

Read more often: Rather than depending on technology, we can spend our time reading books, which will help us gather knowledge and keeps us healthy as reading more often reduces stress, aids sleep and lightens life span. 

Find a New Hobby: We can also try looking for a new hobby like mediation, learning a new language and many more. For instance, mediation is an effective stress reliever that would help ease our anxiety and help us calm our emotions and thoughts. 

Stop caring about what other people think: We should learn to be ignorant about other people’s opinions. Doing this will help avoid the mental and physical stress we get from caring about what others think about us. 


Living a healthy lifestyle can forbid chronic diseases and long-term illnesses from occurring. Living a healthy life should be part of our overall daily lifestyle. So, we should do what is suitable for our body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

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