How to Overcome from Google Penalties: Optimize your Content

If you are starting an online business then getting a good google ranking is extremely important. For this to happen you need to follow the Google SEO tactics and ensure that the content you are providing is good and plagiarism free.

Research by Matt Cutts shows that over 400,000 manual actions are being initiated every month by Google. Also, numerous websites are being penalized by algorithmic updates such as Penguin and Panda.

In case someone tries some black hat techniques then google can add penalties on your website which can result in your website’s ranking reducing. There are various ways in which you can optimize your content to overcome Google Penalties. Here are some tips and tricks that SEO company in India follow to overcome penalties.

Overcome Google Penalties with these tricks:

  1. Avoid spammy mark-up:Schema mark-ups are a great way to get your website rank higher on the website, however, following some spammy technique can negatively impact your website. To avoid penalties due to mark-up use the below methods:
    1. Include test mark-up in the Structured Data Testing Tool: Validate the schema mark-up on Google’s testing tool before going live with it. This will check for any errors and ensure the right mark-up.
    2. Keep track of the structured data:in your Google Search Console, keep track of your website structure data faults and indexation.
    3. Keep yourself updated: based on the latest guidelines offered by Google, keep your structures mark-ups updated.
  2. Optimize Internal Links: Internal links provide a pathway to your website so optimising it and ensuring a smooth transition from one page to the other offers an easy browsing experience to users. This does not necessarily impact your ranking but effects the Google crawling process. So, make sure:
  3. link webpages that are relevant to each other
  4. Maintain a hierarchy of pages.
  5. Create your anchor-text with generic words
  6. Mobile Usability should be a priority:In today’s digital age, more people are surfing the internet through their mobile and less from the laptop. So, make sure that making a mobile-friendly website is a priority. To ensure this:
    1. Pass the mobile-friendly test: Google offers a mobile-friendly test, which helps webmasters determine whether or not their site is mobile-responsive. So, make sure the website is optimized for mobile experience by adopting various practices like increasing button and text size, adding additional space between links, changing the layout of elements, matching the page width with the screen width, and increasing the speed of the page.
    2. Mobile friendly images:Images are an important part of the web, so smaller images must be uploaded that can be loaded easily and fully on mobile devices.
  7. Take care of negative SEO: There are some things about your content and website, but the come external sources can also get you penalised. To avoid such negative SEO certain things can be taken care of:
  8. Monitor your backlinks: From time to time take care of the websites that are providing you backlinks.
  9. Protect Your Backlinks:Sometimes frauds can hamper your best backlinks by contacting the website owner on your behalf. So, make sure you are keeping a track of your best backlinks.
  10. Report the negative SEO tactics: If there is any suspicious activity on your website you can report them through Google’s Disavow tool. This reports the issue to Google and helps them in taking the necessary action.
  11. Bad user Signals: Your user experience also impacts the Google ranking of your website and the traffic it brings. To have control over this take care of the following points
  12. Design and layout:Refreshing your content now and then, give the user an optimized experience preventing them from bouncing.
  13. Easy navigation:If your website has a proper flow of pages, it increases your chances of ranking high on the website. Also, make sure to Optimize your internal links.
  14. Site speed:This is an official ranking factor. If your website is loading quickly, your users will not jump to other sites, thus helping google rank your website higher.

While these points will avoid penalties, you can increase your ranking and enhance user experience through mobile versions of your site, fewer ads, avoiding Flash and similar formats, links to social media profiles, and proper calls to action.


These are some ways in which you can avoid any Google penalty on your website. These points keep getting renewed as and when any new update from Google is released. Ensure to keep a track of them.  You can also hire a digital marketing company in India to ensure that the website is made as per Google’s algorithm and guidelines.

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