How to prepare current affairs for IBPS PO

When it comes to banking exam preparation, current affairs is one of the most important topics. It is so vast that proper preparation is necessary. Today, we give you easy tips that will help you prepare better for current affairs for IBPS PO. Remember, this section cannot be completed within a week or fortnight because aforementioned, the topic is very vast and also the most important. Having a stronghold on current affairs is also great for the interview section as you might get a few questions from this very section. So, take a look at how to prepare for current affairs for IBPS PO to Crack the IBPS PO Test Series.

Topics you must prepare for Current Affairs 

  • Government schemes and policies
  • Obituary
  • Defence Exercise
  • Sports News
  • Science & Technology
  • Ranks & Reports
  • Appointment & Resignation
  • Summits
  • Awards
  • Important dates and events
  • Famous book and their authors
  • News of national and international importance
  • News related to banking and economy

How Many Months Of Current Affairs Must You Study?

Since current affairs is a vast subject, stick to the last 9 months. Your main focus must be on the last three months’ news as they are important. Also, focus more on banking and economic sections.

Read The Newspaper every day 

One of the best sources of general knowledge is the newspaper. Reading the newspaper every day solves multiple problems. It not only strengthens your general knowledge but also improves your vocabulary. Don’t stick to one single newspaper when preparing for the exam, use two or three. For instance, Economic Times, Times of India, and The Hindu. Each is different from one another and the information you gain from each newspaper will also be valuable. Reading a newspaper is not just about going through the headlines and taking a glance. But you must read the entire paper from the first page to the last. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, make notes while reading the newspaper.

Read Current Affair Magazines 

Today, there are several current affairs magazines available in the market. Do your research on which ones are the best and make it a practice to read them every day. Again, making notes is extremely important. The current affairs magazine is usually a weekly and monthly publication. So, choose the weekly one as time is precious here.

Watch News Channels Daily 

Another source to binge information on current affairs is through news channels. Set aside a time every day, it can be an hour to two to watch the news. Sometimes, watching can help you understand the news better rather than consuming it. There are various apps you can try too, such as inshorts, which gives you piece by piece content, and if you think you need more information on it, you can go through the complete article, otherwise, just read the gist of it.


The Internet has all the information you will need. There are plenty of news related websites that can help you with all the information you will need. You can also type in a topic on the search engines to gain knowledge about it. On the internet, you can also keep taking quizzes to strengthen your knowledge. Crack the IBPS PO Test Series to identify your weak and strong areas.

Always Make Notes 

Let’s say you are doing everything to make sure you grasp all the current affairs news. But how will you remember them or revise them? You cannot keep going back to the newspapers or the news channels. Therefore, taking notes is very important.

Go Through Previous Year Question Papers 

Another great way to see what type of questions will come in the examination is to go through the previous year’s question papers. See which segment of GK the examiners give more weightage to and look at the type of questions that come. This will help you prepare better. You can also start solving these papers to test your general knowledge.

Read Banking Awareness Books 

Since you are appearing for banking exams, most of the general knowledge questions are going to be about the banking sector. And the best way to consume banking knowledge is through banking awareness books. Right from the current banking schemes to numbers and profits and more, these books will give you tons of knowledge.

Practice Makes Perfect 

You cannot memorize every piece of information you consume as it is almost impossible. Therefore, to make sure you remember everything you read, keep revising your notes and keep practicing by taking quizzes or mock tests. Crack the IBPS PO Test Series to understand more about your strong and weak points.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time 

Although current affairs is an important segment, there are other subjects that are important too. Make sure you prepare enough to pass with the cut-off marks at least as current affairs is an extremely wide section. So, it should be a part of your timetable where let’s say you dedicate an hour or two in your five or six hours and not more than that. Some of the other tips to pass the banking exam includes;

  • Study regularly without fail
  • Write and study and make legible notes that you can go back and revise later
  • Don’t spend too much time on just one segment and give importance to all
  • Don’t neglect sports-related news
  • Read about all the important dates that can come in the question paper
  • Go through guide books for more information

Remember, it is not very difficult to crack the banking examination if you study diligently every day. Give your best and success will follow. Spend an equal amount of time for all the subjects and not just current affairs as along with this you need to clear other sections in the exam too.

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