Injured by a Dog? Tips From the May Firm Injury Lawyers

Getting bitten by a dog or animal is a scary situation. Animals can act unpredictably when they feel threatened. Without the proper training, they may attack or bite nearby humans or other animals. It might be challenging to know the best way to navigate an animal bite situation, especially when you love animals as many people do. The first and most essential thing to do after an injury is to seek professional medical treatment. Animal bites can be severe and may result in disease contraction even when the damage seems minor. The most efficient way to ensure maximum protection for yourself and your finances after an animal attack is to obtain legal representation. Thankfully, the May Firm Injury Lawyers are there to help injury victims with a few initial guidelines.

Do not try to capture the animal that bit you.

After being bitten or attacked by an animal, some people may try to capture or contain it. This is never a good idea because animals may lash out or continue to try to inflict damage to get free. If the animal that harmed you is a stray or a dog you are not familiar with, you must get tested for rabies immediately. Rabies vaccination is most effective when it is administered as soon as possible. If the bite or scratch managed to break your skin, place a clean towel over the affected area to stop bleeding. Then, wash the bite with gentle soap and water. Carefully apply a sterile bandage to the wound and keep the injured area elevated. Your doctor can provide you with an antibiotic ointment for daily application to avoid infection.

Seek professional medical care.

Even if you are familiar with the dog or animal that bit you, it is still important to get your wound checked out by a healthcare professional. If the animal attack was severe, you may have sustained a sprain during the struggle or bruised your muscle or bone. If you did not suffer a serious injury, your medical bills and records will still be pertinent to your personal injury case. The May Firm recommends visiting with a doctor in any event that you have been injured, both for your safety and for the strength of your personal injury claim.

Retain the services of a personal injury attorney.

If your legal rights are at stake, the best way to protect yourself is to employ the services of a trusted legal professional. Law offices like the May Firm offer a free case consultation to injury victims to evaluate their case. The legal process can be complicated and time-consuming. If you have been injured, your primary focus should be on your recovery. Dealing with the insurance company, conducting an investigation, and calculating your punitive damages are all tasks that a personal injury lawyer can handle.

If your injury arose out of the negligence of another person or dangerous premises, you would be entitled to fair compensation. You can then use this compensation to cover the time you missed at work and your medical expenses. The May Firm operates on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay for legal services unless you win your case. Through this billing method, clients can rest assured that they won’t be subject to any additional financial hardships.

Dog or animal attacks have the potential to disrupt a person’s entire life. By following these steps, you can ensure that you are protected both physically and financially. A lawsuit can be extremely challenging on your own. If you face legal circumstances or have been unable to obtain a fair settlement from your insurance company, call California’s premier injury lawyers at The May Firm today.

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