Is NCERT Solution enough for class 9th English Exams?

English is an important subject in all schools. It is a must to pass in English. It is also important for students to learn English since it is an international language. Class 9 prepares students for their board exams. Many teachers believe CBSE created the 9th-grade curriculum to provide a foundation for the 11th grade. This article helps you build confidence and personality traits that will benefit you in the future.

Class 9 English language NCERT solutions and CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Language & Literature are provided by English experts worldwide so students may not only comprehend each paragraph but also construct their solutions appropriately. The solution is in the book. This article advises students to get the chapter-by-chapter solution.

Beehive has 11 poetry and prose. This book encourages students to read, comprehend, and communicate in English. In addition to stories and poetry, there are prose and poems in different genres.

Take a quick look at the NCERT Solutions Class 9 English and prepare accordingly:


Chapter 1: The Fun They Had

Issac Asimov wrote this chapter. It’s about a future when schooling is completely automated. It’s the year 2155. This poem’s characters are Margie and Tommy. They examine ancient texts in groups. This poem mocks computerized schooling.

Chapter 2: The Sound of Music

A two-part Chapter Part 1 is about Evelyn Glennie and Part 2 is about Ustad Bismillah Khan. Everyone learns about the musicians’ lives and careers. Evelyn Glennie, a renowned novelist, went deaf owing to nerve injury yet still fought to become a percussionist. It also discusses Ustad Bismillah Khan’s role in Hindustani classical music.

Chapter 3: The Little Girl

In this chapter, Kezia, a little girl, is frightened of her father. This tale is about a father-daughter bond. She avoided her father since she felt he was harsh on her, and the narrative changed when her mother was hospitalized, leaving her alone with her father. She understands her father loves her but doesn’t have time to express it.

Chapter 4: A Truly Beautiful Mind

This chapter is about a scientist’s life. It is a tale that offers students a fresh view of Elbert Einstein. This is a difficult chapter.

Chapter 5: The Snake & The Mirror

This chapter emphasizes the value of humility today. This tale is about a snake and a mirror. On a warm night, the doctor was lost in contemplation when he saw a snake. The doctor was terrified, but the snake was more interested in its own body than the doctor.

Chapter 6: My Childhood

It is about APJ Abdul Kalam’s childhood. It shows APJ Abdul Islam’s preparation as a scientist and president. He talks about his family and friends.

Chapter 7: Packing

Jerome k Jerome wrote this writing. Local history and route planning are included in this tale. This is an excerpt from the book “Three Men on a Boat.” It begins with George, Harris, Jerome, and Montmorency, Jerome’s dog. Tired of their jobs, these three buddies decided to take a vacation.

Chapter 8: Reach For The Top

This chapter covers the career of tennis legend Maria Sharapova. She was born in Russia’s Siberia in 1987. She was tenacious and psychologically strong. Her bravery, sacrifice, and dedication earned her the top spot in women’s tennis.

Chapter 9: The Bond Of Love

The Bond of Love is a literary tale on the importance of emotional closeness. In this case, the emotional bond between the author’s wife and Bruno, a sloth bear, is shown. This teaches students the value of animal affection. They were so close that when she heard about Bruno going to Mysore’s zoo, she broke down and cried.

Chapter 10: Kathmandu

The chapter is taken from the novel Heaven Lake. In this tale, the author describes his trip to Kathmandu. He also recounts wonderful experiences and interactions.

Chapter 11: If I Were You

This is a play about a homeowner who was about to go to an event when he was approached by several murderers who used to murder people and steal their identities. 


Chapter 1: The Road Not Taken 

Robert Frost’s poem “The Untaken Road” is An essay about life choices based on experience and interest. The poet advises individuals to make good life choices.

Chapter 2: Wind

Subramania Bharati’s poetry Breeze speaks to the wind. He equates wind to human life. This poetry teaches us that to live in this world, everyone must be intellectually and physically strong.

Chapter 3: Rain On The Roof

The poet describes his mood on a rainy day. On rainy days, the poet recalls his childhood memories. He misses his mother, who is no longer with him, but her memories live on.

Chapter 4: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

In this poem, the poet wishes to travel to Innisfree, where he may dwell quietly. Innisfree Lake, he thinks, is the only place where the poet may find serenity.

Chapter 5: A Legend Of The Northland

Phoebe Cary’s poem is a ballad. The poem’s moral message. This poetry teaches us the value of caring and selflessness.

Chapter 6: No Men Are Foreign

James Kirkup wrote, “No men are aliens.” The poem says everyone is universal. It promotes peace, unity, harmony, and brotherhood.

Chapter 7: The Duck and the Kangaroo

A duck and a kangaroo converse in this poetry. Because a duck can’t walk around and view the world, she begged the kangaroo to carry her on his back and show her the world.

Chapter 8: On Killing a Tree

The poet increases readers’ awareness of trees. By equating trees to people, the poet shows the reader that trees are alive. The author attempts to compare tree-killing to human killing. He mentions man’s brutality to nature.

Chapter 9: The Snake Trying

This poem is based on the reality that humans believe snakes to be poisonous and nasty. This poem is about a snake that ran into a guy with a stick.

Chapter 10:  Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

The poet’s deepest grief and frustrations are shown in this poem. Poem about losing loved ones and accepting life’s harsh truth.


The NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English are based on the current CBSE English Literature Syllabus. Written by experienced English teachers to help you crack your English exams. It’s normal to have concerns while learning a language. This article is here to assist you at any time throughout your learning journey.

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