Learn How To Get Certified With DevOps Certification Training Online Course

Are you wishing to have a comprehensive knowledge of DevOps to empower your job-ready skills? Then sign up for the DevOps Foundation training course and get certified to gain the skills that can support your organizational efforts to increase agility and reduce costs. Let’s have a look at what the course has to offer you.

Brief description of Course

Here in this two-day foundational course, you’ll learn the ways to integrate standard DevOps techniques into the company to minimize lead times. It also helps you to learn how you can increase your frequency of deployment, and produce superior quality software. Other than these, you also get to learn about the core concepts of DevOps and how you can put them into practice.

Not only that but you will also have a fundamental grasp of the core processes involved in DevOps teams along with which you will come to know the methods of continuous delivery, integration, security, testing. Also, you get the chance of gaining knowledge on the three ways that offer value in expanding DevOps for any company. Thus, the DevOps Institute awards the learners with the DevOps Foundation® certificate once they pass the exam to confirm their skills as a DevOps expertise.

What does the course provide?

  • Live training for 16 hours by interactive instructors.
  • Earn 16 SEUs along with 16 PDUs.
  • Course materials related to DevOps.
  • Get experiential learning through real-world projects
  • Get to learn through different activities and case studies
  • Exam guidance in profundity

Importance of getting into the Course

The relevance of DevOps cannot be understated. A per the 2020 DevOps Trends Survey, virtually every participant stated that DevOps had a major effect on their company. And from this survey, it could be estimated that the Global market of DevOps will have growth at a CAGR of 25 percent in the forthcoming years.

Who can attend the course?

  • Application Developers
  • Automation Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Managers


  • This course doesn’t have any credentials.
  • Anyone willing to learn more about DevOps as a mindset, a movement, and a culture that can help the management innovate sooner and provide more benefits for customers and businesses can benefit the most from this session.

Skills you will acquire

  • Using DevOps concepts as a foundation
  • Putting essential DevOps principles in place
  • Using DevOps in three different forms
  • DevOps mindset and behavior are introduced
  • Using the DevOps paradigm as a business model
  • Exchanging, emulating, and developing
  • Ability to communicate
  • Collaborative abilities
  • Management of stakeholders
  • Examining abilities and many more.

How does DevOps accelerate enterprise innovation?

When production and operations teams collaborate, lead times are reduced, deployments are made more often, and software is of superior quality. Promote a culture of collective responsibility, openness, and rapid feedback by training your staff on DevOps.

  • Give your staff the DevOps knowledge and resources they need to succeed.
  • Coordinate your professional growth with your organizational vision.
  • Make use of the Integrated Learning approach.
  • Get in touch for tailored organizational training sessions.

So, now that you know how to get into the DevOps certification online course, grab the opportunity and get enrolled to get more benefits in your job prospects.

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