What are the Advantages of AI?

Simply innumerous!

Does your phone unlock on seeing you?

Do you have the confidence to go anywhere just because you have Google Maps?

Do you make friends on social media when it suggests you?

Do you watch web series suggested by Netflix or any other OTT platform?

Have you ever asked Google to make a call for you? (or other voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa)

Does your payment app remind you of making electricity payments, gas booking, insurance premiums, etc.?

If most of the answers to these questions are Yes, you are using Artificial Intelligence and are surrounded by it.

These applications of AI are so common that you don’t even realize that it is around you. There are various applications of AI that we rely on. Artificial Intelligence has such an impact on our lives that we cannot think of staying without it.

Artificial Intelligence is utilized in every organization across every industry, including healthcare, media and entertainment, finance, banking, retail, transportation, government agencies, space research, gaming, and every other sector. 

Now, have a look at some facts and figures about Artificial Intelligence that will make you think of making a career in this ever-evolving domain with the help of an Artificial Intelligence course in Chennai

  • According to Gartner, nearly 37% of organizations are implementing AI in some form. There was a massive 270% increase in the percentage of enterprises in the last four years.
  • A recent report by Statista states that the global AI software market is projected to grow 54% year-over-year by reaching a forecast size of USD 22.6 billion.
  • As per Servion Global Solutions, nearly 95% of customer solutions will be powered by AI, by 2025.
  • A market research firm Tractica states that the AI market worldwide is projected to reach a revenue of USD 118 billion by 2025.

Such powerful data points make us realize that there are huge job opportunities in the AI job market across every sector. 

Let us now have a look at what Artificial Intelligence is and its advantages.

What is Artificial Intelligence?  

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are meant to think like humans and imitate human actions. The main objectives of Artificial Intelligence are learning reasoning and perception. So an AI program provides intelligence to machines that mimic human behavior. The three main types of AI that we come across are:

  • Weak AI emphasizes one task and is unable to think beyond it. (face recognition, speech recognition,etc)
  • Strong AI is capable of understanding and learning intellectual tasks like human beings (self-driving cars)
  • Super AI is capable of doing tasks better than human beings and surpasses human intelligence. (it is just a concept and is yet to achieve)

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Since AI technology has surrounded us in so many ways, it undoubtedly has various advantages. Let us discuss some of them.

  • No risks

One of the biggest advantages of Artificial Intelligence is that it is capable of overcoming associated risks by enabling AI robots to do them for us. This may include going to space for research, exploring deeper parts of oceans, defusing the dangerous bombs, or measuring eruptions because they have metal bodies that can survive in every atmospheric condition. Also, AI robots are capable of providing accurate results with greater accountability.

  • Reduction in Human Error

The preliminary reason for adopting AI in every sector is to significantly minimize errors and increase accuracy and precision. Since the decisions that AI systems take are based on previously fed information and a specified set of algorithms, there are typically very few errors, thereby improving the correctness of results.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

We, the humans, are productive only about five to six hours in a day, as per studies. To perform well and be efficient, we need breaks or time-off and rest to maintain balance in personal life and workplace. But AI systems do not have their personal life and can work endlessly without the need for a break. They can think and act much faster than humans and execute multiple tasks at a time, and that with accuracy. They can handle tedious and iterative tasks easily with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

  • New Inventions

AI is helping every domain to solve complex problems and come up with new inventions. One of the recent inventions includes the usage of AI algorithms to predict breast cancer in women in the early stages. 

  • Digital Assistance 

We are familiar with voice assistants and chatbots on our smartphones. When you book your gas or movie tickets or even register yourself for an online training course, you get instant messages, and someone is there to guide you all through the process. This is nothing but a chatbot talking to you. Voice assistants like your very own OK Google talks to you and provides answers to your queries is another AI system that we are familiar with.

  • Unbiased Decision

Emotions are not a part of AI, so the decisions taken by AI systems are unbiased and fair. So the decisions made by AI systems are accurate, practical, and rational.

The Bottom Line 

There are innumerous benefits of AI in our daily lives as well as in business and organizations. This is the reason that every industry is looking towards hiring candidates who are specifically trained, skilled, and certified in Artificial Intelligence.

If you wish to upgrade your career and have a life full of innovations and excitement, get certified and go ahead. Get yourself enrolled in an online training course to have all the stuff arranged for you, learn when you wish to, get round-the-clock assistance and job guidance. 

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