Monitor Your Kids Live Location with TOS Phone Tracker

Parenting these days has become a headache for the parents. Young kids have got so much freedom and they don’t want to face parents’ restrictions. Young children become rebels, due to the restrictions of the parents and they would do all these things that could be dangerous for them. Therefore, parents don’t want to impose things on their wards, but at the same time, they are responsible for their safety as well. 

The fear of neighbourhood sex –offenders and drug abusers is on the rise among parents. So, they have no option other than the use of technology that can help them out to monitor kids’ live location. Therefore, parents can track the kid’s location with a phone tracker app.

What is the TOS phone tracker app?

It is an application that you can install on a cellphone device particularly for setting parental tracking of the children. After you set it up on the target phone device, then you can use the online web portal of cell phone tracker software. Furthermore, you can use its features that enable you not only to track live GPS location but also you can use its features to know about all the activities that happened on the target device. 

Users can feature like screen recording, call recording, Gps tracking, social media tracking, IM’s call recording, internet history, read messages, and read sent and received messages. You can install it on your kid’s phone without having technical issues and the friendly interface lets you navigate it on the target device.

 All of its features provide you instant and real-time results and further you can remotely get to know about the location of kid’s phone. For details, you can do chat with the customer care team and get rid of all the issues you are facing after having the subscription.


Cellphone tracker is compatible with the phones and tablets running with Android 5.0 and up 10 and above. It empowers not only to monitor cellphone activities but the GPS location of kid’s at the same time. It secretly works and delivers you the piece of information you are looking forward to at the moment.

How to install TheOneSpy mobile tracker app? 

Are you trying to get to know about the live location of your kids when they are at school? You can do it within the presence of TheOneSpy on the target cellphone device of your child. You just need to have the subscription of cellphone surveillance app. All you can get if you have access to the webpage of the TOS phone tracker. Now you can get the subscription online and receive an email. You can log in to the inbox of your email and get access to the online web portal. Furthermore, you can receive a password and ID and get physical access to the target device and start the process of installation. Now set it up successfully and use the credentials and get access to the online portal where you can use the features that enable you to track live location of children and their activities on the cellphone to the fullest. 

Use phone tracker app Features to monitor kid’s live location

Live Gps location tracking

You can remotely get access to the online web portal where you can activate the location tracker. It empowers you to track and monitor kid’s live location with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Parents can see the kid’s live location virtually on the Google MAP. It enables parents to monitor the location of kid’s hidden whereabouts and further you can protect teens from blind dating and get involved in drug abuse and late-night partying.

Location history

You can remotely get access to the dashboard and you can activate the location history tracker. It empowers you to monitor the daily and weekly location history of the target device. Furthermore, you can watch location history on the MAP.

Mark safe & restricted areas

You can mark safe and restricted areas places on the Google Map virtually and get notified when a kid is going inside or outside the restricted place via email.


TheOneSpy cellphone tracker is the best tool for parents to track and monitor the live location of children.


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