Software and Services to Help Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, there are usually a huge number of things running through your mind at any given moment.

First, you have your big picture. What drives you. The reason that you own and operate this small business and what you hope to build it into in the future.

They, you have your daily operations. Scheduling, hiring, making sure your employees are paid and taken care of, all of that good stuff. This is also where focusing on your customers and clients comes in; you want to provide them with the best experience and product possible. You want to make sure they are satisfied.

But then you have a whole bunch of other stuff that still needs to be taken care of. The backend stuff. The aspects of running a small business that aren’t as glamorous or fun as the big picture things, but are just as necessary to keep your business afloat.

If you feel overwhelmed by things like accounting, funding, and making credit decisions, there are services and software out there that can help take the pressure of those operations off your hands.

Here are some of the best software options and services available to help you and your small business run smoothly.

A Small Business Loan Company to Help Your Business Cover Costs

If you’re operating any sort of small business, you know firsthand that just because your business is small doesn’t mean that your costs are.

You have to buy supplies, pay employees, and even make payments for the transportation that your business uses to do any sort of delivery service. All of these things can really add up, and nearly every business needs at least a little bit of financial assistance from time to time to make sure that everyone gets paid when they need to.

These expenses go up even more when you’re running a restaurant. You have to worry about where all of your food supplies are coming from and you’ll also inevitably have some waste that will mess with your profits. Restaurants are infamous for taking a long time running before you start making any money, and in the meantime, you’ll need help to keep your doors open and your kitchen staffed.

This is where a loan company can fill in the gaps of your restaurant funding. They offer loans for everything from payroll, to transportation, to stocking costs for all of the produce and foods that you’ll need to have on hand. They can help you get your restaurant up and running so that you can focus on the food and atmosphere that you’re working on.

A Software that Helps You with Accounting and Keeps Your Business Information on a Cloud

If accounting isn’t your thing, you’re not alone. Millions of business owners have trouble with the numbers aspect of running a business and would rather focus their energy on what they’re actually passionate about.

While it would be best to hire an accountant to handle this aspect of the business, many small business owners just don’t have the funds to pay for an accountant on staff. Overlooking numbers and costs becomes easy when you aren’t paying close attention or don’t know what you’re doing, which ultimately leads to disaster.

Think about it this way: your business is your money, right? You need to make sure that there’s more money coming in than going out. As for the money that is going out, you need to know where that money is going. In theory, this all sounds relatively easy, but in practice, there are more factors at play.

You have payments to vendors and bills that you need to log. You have a staff of employees on the payroll that you need to keep account of. You have all sorts of different costs that are associated with running a business that you need to keep track of and “run the numbers” on.

If you’re a sole owner of a business, where do you find the time to do that? You have lots of other things to concern yourself with.

That’s where QuickBooks can help. They offer accounting software packages that log and track all of those numbers for you so that you can be certain that all of the numbers you have on file are accurate and in writing.

They offer on-premise options as well as cloud-based options depending on the specific needs of your small business. The on-premise version allows you to log all information at your workplace and keep it there.

The could-based version allows you to access all of the information you need about your business from anywhere. And don’t worry, this cloud service is totally secure so you can rest assured that all of the sensitive information about your business is kept private.

QuickBooks tracks every payment that you make to anyone in one place. This also includes payroll, so you know that your employees are getting paid on time and the correct amount.

If you’re a freelance worker or a one-person small business, you can track all of your work-related expenses through their self-employed version of the software. This is even available as an app for your phone that you can connect to your bank account so you can keep all of the receipts and paychecks related to your work in one place.

Since it’s through Intuit, QuickBooks makes tax season a breeze. They already have the log of your information so you won’t have to spend hours entering everything manually and doing a whole bunch of math, wishing that you’d prepared better.

A CRS Credit API to Help You Make the Best Credit Decisions Possible

One of the most stressful aspects of accounting for your small business is figuring out your credit. Personal credit on an individual level is tricky enough, but business credit somehow complicates things even more.

Nevertheless, your small business’s credit rating can seriously impact how much your business is able to grow. Remember those loans we were talking about earlier? You can’t really get great rates on those with a poor credit rating.

Another risk of not understanding your business’s credit score is that it could lead to you making decisions that may harm you or your business in the long run. If you take the first loan offer that you get without knowing how well it works with your credit score, you could end up overpaying.

If credit, in general, is confusing to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. CRS CREDIT API can help make sense of your small business credit score and help guide you into making the right choices for your business so that you can quit playing the guessing game.

Every Small Business Needs a Hand from Time to Time; These Services Make Things Easier

As much as we would love to believe that we have everything covered as a one-person show, our small business has many different moving parts that have to work together to make our small business successful.

When you get overwhelmed while running your small business, don’t sweat the small stuff. Use one of these brilliant services to help ensure the growth of your business.

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