What You Need to Know About Popular In-Game Currencies

In 2020 the mobile gaming industry earned over $70 billion in revenue. That number is expected to grow throughout 2021 since many gamers are switching from PC/consoles to mobile devices. One reason why mobile games create so much revenue is due to in-game currencies.

In-game currencies allow users to buy buffs or items for the game, giving them a certain edge against other players. Today, we will look at different types of in-game currencies and what you can do with them.

Global Currency

This game currency is available to all players and can be earned by playing the game. For example, for Call of Duty: Mobile, after each match, you’ll earn credits. With those credits, you can purchase new skins or guns at the game currency shop.

If you’re a F2P player, this will be the main currency you’ll earn throughout your gameplay. Most games give you daily tasks to complete, and once you complete them, you’ll earn a certain amount of game currency. Of course, buying in-game currency is possible, but you’ll need to use real money or a special game currency.

Premium in-Game Currencies

Almost every mobile game will allow players to buy a premium game currency. In-game currencies of this type will allow you to purchase more exclusive items and buffs. You can even buy cool cosmetic items that will give more personality to your character or base.

For example, Old School Runescape offers unique outfits in its premium game currency store. You can also safely buy Runescape 3 Gold on some sites other than the publisher’s one. Fortunately, some publishers give out premium currency for free during special events or holidays.

In-Game Event Currencies

Many events give out special in-game currencies that players can use at an event store. Players can earn this game currency by participating in events where they need to perform certain tasks. In addition, trading in-game currency of this type will often allow players to buy event-themed cosmetic items or trade them for premium game items.

For example, in Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade, you can purchase items locked behind premium currency with special event game currency. That’s why events are critical for F2P since it gives them a slight advantage against players who regularly purchase premium game currency.

Energy Game Currency

Games like Monster Legends or Marvel Strike Force use a game currency in the form of energy. With energy, players can complete stages or levels, but once players use the energy, they’ll need to wait a few minutes for it to replenish. Of course, players have the option to purchase more energy with premium game currency.

What in-Game Currencies Do You Use?

As you have seen, there are many in-game currencies to use in mobile games. However, keep in mind that players who can purchase in-game currencies will always have the upper hand. If you’re a F2P player, you can also earn in-game currencies if you put enough effort into playing the game.

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