Steps To Remember When Taking Minoxidil For Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

For a hair loss solution, Minoxidil has, and is continuing to prove itself effective in a majority of those who suffer from hair loss disorders. Here are non-negotiable yet easy rules regarding observing the “hows” of using Minoxidil.

Minoxidil Usage: Facts To Follow
No Shampoo 

Do not shampoo your hair at least 4 hours after applying minoxidil on your scalp. 

Minoxidil generally requires a long waiting period before hair regrowth and/or hair thickening becomes visible. “What does this have to do with the no shampoo rule within its first 4 hours of application?”, you may ask. The medication follows a slow pace different from other off-the-rack scalp topicals in the market. It takes that long for it to seep through your skin and to dry out.

Also, should be applied separately and by itself. And it should be left that way for at least 4 hours before you wash it off thoroughly, and then continue with your regular hair-wash routine. 

Likewise, there may be ingredients in your shampoo that may work against Minoxidil, in that the latter’s side effects will be exacerbated. It isn’t something to be extremely worried about because the side effects are almost always limited to skin irritations. But it will be great to avoid themt altogether since it is possible to do so.

Blow-Dried Hair Or Damp Hair? 

Minoxidil is best absorbed by the scalp when your head and scalp are dry. There are patients who have tried the medication while having damp hair, and this seems acceptable, too. Yet when it comes to how you dry your scalp should be, there appears to be some debate around it. 

More cases show that dry instead of damp have shown better results. 

There are experts who say that using a hair dryer to dry the solution may reduce its actual efficacy. 

You can use this electronic hair-drying device prior. For instance, if your hair is wet and you don’t have time to have it air-dried naturally. A bit of assistance from your hair-blower just to help your follicles dry faster, then you can rely on plug-in drying devices. Ssimply let its nozzle be around three inches away from your follicles so as not to damage them— an extra hair care tip. 

However, do NOT dry your scalp AFTER you’ve already applied minoxidil on it. Leave it on and leave it be. This way, you’ll permit it to permeate the dense connective tissues in your skin slowly, without causing its uppermost layer to be irritated (outside of the context of minoxidil side effects). 

ONLY On The Affected Regions

Minoxidil is a potent medication and it is to be used solely on areas on your scalp wherein hair thinning and balding are prominent. Take note that it is not to be lathered through your hair but to be sprayed and/or spread your the skin, unless you choose the topical foam. Still, for the latter, the lathering is to be limited to the affected balding regions. 

Avoid letting it come into contact with other parts of your skin outside the scope of your scalp. This is where you will find minoxidil sprays very convenient to operate. In contrast, topical creams are fine, too. Granted that their applicators are ergonomic and will prevent the medication from accidentally being spread elsewhere. 

In case this happens, immediately wash the product residue off with water.

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