The Difference Between In-Stock and Custom Cabinets

So you’ve decided to remodel a part of your house. Is it the kitchen or a bedroom or a garden? While most people focus on larger furniture and curate the rest of the ambience based on the centrepiece they’ve loved, we draw your attention to an important aspect of any room that gets looked over most often: cabinets. 

Why put thought into cabinets? 

Cabinets get looked over. People don’t realize the kind of make-or-break power that cabinets hold. A good cabinet can really bring in the whole room and create a complete picture that you’re trying to create. 

What is the difference between Stock and Custom Cabinets?

As their names suggest, stock cabinets are made in bulk. There might not be thousands of the same pieces, but they’re manufactured the same way, with the same design, and are widely available in seller stores to look at. 

Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are made piece by piece. Usually, they are hand-made according to the instructions given by the consumer. 

There would only be one piece of every custom cabinet in the world. To look at some of the best stock and custom cabinets, click here

Advantages of Stock Cabinets

  • Since stock cabinets are mostly mass-produced, they are easily available. 
  • You can quickly find one online or in your local store. From searching to delivery, it takes minimal time to acquire a stock cabinet.
  • Since they are not a unique design and less thought and effort is put into each piece, they are likely cheaper.
  • Due to the above features, they make great pieces for storage rooms that you are not trying to make look like they are professionally designed. 

Advantages of Custom Cabinets

  • Whereas custom cabinets are one-of-a-kind. If you want to own a unique piece, custom cabinets will be the way to go. They increase the value of the room and give it a greater aesthetic appeal. 
  • Since custom cabinets can be designed to comply with the vibe of each room, they can complement the other furniture perfectly
  • All drawers, shelves, and other interiors of custom cabinets can be created to suit your unique needs.
  • You get a beautiful cabinet that is sure to draw the attention of your guests and strike up a conversation. 
  • You can choose all the materials that go into making a custom cabinet, therefore ensuring superior quality and longer durability.


While the advantages are great, custom cabinets can be a little pricey. Consider the purpose of the cabinet: if it is simply for storage, go with stock cabinets. But if you want the added benefit of appeal, consider custom cabinets. When you customize pieces, you can follow your heart and do not need to compromise on any aspect of the piece. 

The cabinet is made especially for you, keeping your requirements and your desires in mind. Whichever one you buy, pay attention to the quality and feel of the product. 

Cabinets should likely be long-term investments; pick wisely!

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