Tips From an eCommerce SEO Agency: How to Appear at the Top of Google

Numerous aspects of your website play separate but significant roles in your website’s visibility on the search engine results page. Overall, there are three main categories to acknowledge in any digital marketing strategy. Google and other major search engine algorithms rank your website based on reputability, usability, and relevance.

The categories that make up these determining factors include web page optimization, content creation, and site performance. An effective eCommerce SEO agency will research your current marketing strategy, analyze your competitors, and explore all means of boosting your website’s relevancy.

Web Page Optimization

Web page optimization refers to the process of making your website SEO-friendly. This is accomplished by incorporating keywords into your site content. Keywords are standard search terms related to your product or services. For example, suppose you own a bakery, and your digital marketing strategy is local SEO. One of your keywords may be “fresh bread near me.” After conducting thorough keyword research, your SEO company will help you implement these popular keywords to your content to show search engines that your website is highly relevant.

Another way to optimize your website is to fill it with quality content. Some website owners may utilize shady SEO practices like spammy links or duplicate content to manipulate Google’s algorithms. These practices may give your website a boost initially, but it will be short-lived. Google and other search engines are well aware of spammy eCommerce SEO practices. To eliminate this behavior, your site may be penalized. Hence, it is best to value quality over quantity when it comes to an eCommerce SEO strategy.

Content Creation

One of the most valuable practices an SEO agency can provide to your business is consistent content creation. Once you have increased your visibility on the search engine results page, it takes continual effort to maintain your online presence. This maintenance is typically achieved through blog posts and link building. Blog posts off of your site can help organically promote your business through relevant articles.

Further, these articles (and the content on your web page) can be optimized through the use of backlinks. Backlinks are links from one website to another. They are essential to any SEO campaign because Google’s algorithms recognize link building as a sort of recommendation. In other words, by linking to and from reputable sites, your website gains credibility. Credibility is an integral aspect of your SEO strategy because Google considers it when ranking your website on the search engine results page.

Site Performance

A commonly overlooked factor of search engine optimization is your website’s user experience. The performance of your site can make or break what is considered a potential lead. A whopping 40 percent of people leave a site when it takes more than two seconds to load. This statistic means that your page load speed must remain up to par to benefit from the organic traffic that SEO can provide. Website design requires a certain amount of thoughtfulness.

Bringing potential customer’s eyes to the suitable spaces and then filling those spaces with quality content is hard work. An SEO agency can help allot your time and resources to any areas of improvement that your site may have. Site architecture can be challenging, but it is a critical component of SEO. Aside from SEO efforts, your brand awareness can suffer from a poor user experience. Your website, content, and design scheme should be a reflection of your company’s brand. Before implementing a new strategy or posting content, ask yourself if it aligns with your company values.

One of the best practices for monitoring your site’s performance and traffic is the Google Search Console. The Google Search Console is a free tool for website owners, administrators, and SEO strategists to utilize for digital marketing efforts, data governance, and more. The digital marketing industry can be tough to navigate without specialized knowledge of the algorithmic process behind search engine results page rankings. Keeping the factors mentioned above in mind can help you climb to maximum visibility.

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