What Are Managed IT Services and How Can Your Business Benefit?

There is no doubt that businesses today rely heavily upon technology to keep things going, to ensure that accurate records are kept, payments can be made and accepted. For the storage of customer information neatly and safely or, to host a local server for internal software solutions for your staff to use to aid them with their day-to-day responsibilities. So why would you want a managed IT service?

Reduce time wasted

Hopefully you’ve been in business some time and will be able to relate to how frustrating it can be when your time is wasted. If not, then you will likely experience the feeling sooner rather than later. As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’ and, if you are taken away from your core duties that keep the business going, every time someone needed to ask you for something you’d probably be pretty frustrated and your business would be less profitable.

When you combine people and IT equipment it’s clear to see why managed IT services are so successful.  people always have questions or issues like, how to navigate the system, remembering passwords and user names, or how to use the system to its full advantage. These are examples of queries that happen daily, often being asked by the same people….

Unless you have an in-house guru, it can end up costing a lot in terms of time spent. If you outsourced to a team of IT experts then you wouldn’t have to worry about any of the above, the only thing to weigh up would be, the value for money aspect, a calculation that can be done pretty quickly.

Cost effective

Aside’s form saving you time there are a number of other features that could make your business even more efficient still. When you use a team of IT support specialists, they tend to go a bit OTT but, that’s a good thing as you get more for your money, services that are starting to become a requirement for most businesses are;

General IT support – this one is worth it’s weight in gold any day of the week. All those ‘frustrating’ time wasting, daily, user error queries would be dealt with offsite.

IT strategies – Because IT support specialists are experts, they will have industry insight into the slickest and smartest IT strategies to help streamline the way your business currently operates.

Cybersecurity – One of the most important services that any business should be taking advantage of. Cyber security is a real threat and, unless you have adequate protection in place to guard and defend your company records, it can mean losing valuable data, losing customers and perhaps even having to call it a day.

Just imagine if someone had access to the information on your drives, including trading information, employee data and most importantly, your customers personal records. It doesn’t really bear thinking about.

Proper value for money

When you add everything up, it makes sense to outsource your IT management, if nothing else, at least you have the peace of mind that all of your data is well protected.

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