What is Asbestos and How Can It Affect Your Life?

The Australian government has constantly been running awareness and education programs to make the population aware of potential risks and asbestos problems. As it is, we have things to worry about since the pandemic has hit. It’s not every day you hear stories about people suffering from asbestos. Unless you know someone close who has suffered from asbestosis, it barely occurs in your mind to learn about asbestos and its consequences.

Sydney is amongst the top Australian cities to have massive asbestosis patients. You might not even know that you are exposed to asbestos currently. But yes, the reality is that you are likely to be exposed to asbestos if you live in an older building. Therefore, it is good to know about asbestos removal in Sydney for your own health and the well-being of your loved ones. So, without further ado, scroll down to learn more.

What is asbestos, and why is it dangerous?

The use of asbestos in textile, construction and automotive industries has been widely known for many years. Asbestos is a type of mineral fibre that you can get from soils and rocks. In the past, manufacturers used these mineral fibres to construct homes and commercial buildings as they are resistant to heat, electricity, chemicals and offer flexibility. However, gradually when people started gaining awareness about its drawbacks and health risks, it lost its popularity and became a subject of concern.

Sydney has taken the fifth position in the Global Liveability Index because of its lifestyle and resources. But you can’t ignore that it also ranks high in asbestos content. Your homes, kennels, roads, garages, fencing, soils and other common areas might have asbestos that you are totally unaware of.

What are the dangers associated with asbestos exposure?

Asbestos is made up of thin fibres. When disturbed by any means, it transforms into microscopically thin fibres that remain in the air for days. The tiny fibres will settle in your lungs and form a tissue as you inhale these fibres. Once the tissue is formed, it will lead to further damage and cause several diseases like lung cancer, mesothelioma (cancer of the lining of the lung cavity), and asbestosis (a scarring of the lung tissue).

How can you know that you are exposed to asbestos?

Most homes in Sydney built before 1987 have some quantity of asbestos in them. Once asbestos was banned entirely in 2003, no contractors used it for further constructing homes and buildings. However, if you had purchased or rented a property built before it was banned in the country, the chances are that you are exposed to asbestos.

Some people might suggest you do the task of removing asbestos on your own. But honestly, you shouldn’t put yourself or your family at risk of dealing with a hazardous substance. You should check out companies offering asbestos removal in Sydney and ask them to come and inspect your house. A reputed hazard management team will assist you in safe and sound asbestos removal. You can browse through some of the top companies providing the services in Sydney and contact them to get a quote. Check some reviews to get double assurance, and leave the rest in the hands of professionals who have knowledge of asbestos and follow the procedure for its careful removal.

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