Can I get compensation for a delayed flight?

So you’ve come to the airport and are waiting for your flight to take you on that vacation you’ve been planning for so long or help you get to a very important business meeting when you realize that it’s been delayed. Pretty frustrating, isn’t it? Not the way you want to start your vacation, and if you’re late for some important job-related event, the chances are you’ll be pretty angry.

After all, you’ve been planning everything according to the schedule issued by the airlines, so it’s only natural that you’d one someone to be held accountable for the problems this has caused you.

Fortunately, you can get compensated for situations such as these. All you need is a reliable legal expert in your corner to help you file the claim. Allow us to inform you on the subject.

When is compensation due?

Compensation for delayed flights is paid in three very distinct situations. And because these situations are pretty straightforward, you can immediately know what your chances are when you file a claim.

If your flight has been delayed so much that you arrive at your destination at least three hours later than scheduled, you are entitled to a flight delay compensation. So, three hours is the magic number here.

However, if your flight has been straight out cancelled, you should receive a full refund or be able to choose another flight that will take you to your destination. You shouldn’t be restricted by time and should be able to choose freely when you want to make the substitute flight. 

Do keep in mind that flights can be cancelled due to “extraordinary circumstances” (primarily weather), which may play into airlines’ favour. In cases like this, flight delay compensation solicitors can come in really handy. 

Finally, airlines sometimes overbook their planes, and this leaves some passengers unable to board. If you find yourself in this situation, you should absolutely demand compensation – no matter whose fault this is, you’ve paid for your ticket and should be in your seat. 

Getting legal help 

The easiest way to file a claim is to find a legal expert to do it for you. Not only can they assess the validity of your claim quickly and tell you right away how likely you’re to receive compensation, but they can do all the legwork for you and make your life a whole lot easier.

But the biggest advantage for you, if you seek legal counsel, is if you find a lawyer who will not charge you unless they win your case. That way, you can be sure they will do everything in their power for you and that they will be honest with you about your chances. Simply, it is in their best interest to win, too. A win-win situation for everybody on your side. 

So, if you’ve experienced problems with your flight and have lost valuable time because of that, get a solicitor that specializes in that on your side and very soon you could be reimbursed for your troubles.


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