Different Types of Golf Cart Lift Kit

Are you thinking of how you can accommodate a larger tire under your golf carts? Or do you want to swiftly and in one piece increase bottom clearance? A Best golf cart lift kit is all you need to perform such actions. lifting your cart will enable you to have up to 6” of additional height on your golf cart. The kits come in different setups so that they can accommodate your preferences. Some of the most common types include; A-arm, Drop Axle, and drop Spindle

Advantages of lifting your golf cart

  1. Higher speed. Bigger tires always mean you will be cruising at a higher speed as compared to low-lying tires.
  2. Easy moving on rougher and rigid terrain. Off-roading sometimes is necessary and low carts find it hard to maneuver through such terrains.
  3. As a cart owner, you love to see your cart looking good. Lifted carts have great looks which are lovable.

Types of Kit

Drop spindle kit

This one of the most popular kits that has been used by golf carts owners over years. The kit offers great stability due to its wider stance coverage. In addition, the kit is cheaper and is the easiest to install. Whenever you need a kit that gives you different options in terms of the wheels you can use, go for the Drop Spindle kit.

Drop Axle lift Kit

These are the cheapest type of lift kits available in the market. To install the kit you need to replace the front axle of your golf cart.


To use this kit you should be ready to replace the entire front suspension of your golf cart. With alternative heights in the suspension, you can use a variety of tire sizes giving you a smooth ride. As earliermentioned, any golf cart owner would like his or her cart to have a good look. A-Arm lift kits give super good lifted looks. Lastly, the kits use circular tubing which is stronger than other modes of tubing.

Block- lift kit

Block lift kits are very easy to install. Moreover, the kits are cheaper and very effective. From its name, these kits involve adding steel to the bottom of your cart, therefore, adding more weight. The only limitation of these kits is that they do not give you much flexibility since they only offer a 4-inch height.

Frequently asked questions

Which golf cart lift kit is good for my money?

We have many brands in the market which a user can choose from. RHOX has been in the market for the longest time. In my opinion, RHOX will give you top-quality lift kits. In addition, the products are inexpensive.

How much more weight can a golf cart hold after installing a lift kit?

The cart can safely hold up to 100 lbs. however, if you need the cart to hold up more weight, add heavy-duty springs to your cart. Adding the springs will enable your cart to hold up to 200 lbs.


With various brands in the market, you need to make a good decision on which type of golf cart lift kit you need. Even though the lift kits are close to being the same, we have different specifications that make each special. The ease of installing and the stability the kit offers should be highly considered.

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