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Sanitizers bồn rửa tay phòng mổ can be used in many different fields, especially in the medical field. Can be used as a surgical hand wash basin, a medical hand wash basin or an operating room hand basin,…

Reasons to use surgical hand wash basins in medicine
Hand infection is a major concern for all professions, including the medical industry. In hospitals, they often treat many different diseases, so of course there are many different types of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Thereby causing unwanted negative consequences when contacting or taking care of patients. According to studies, our hands can carry up to 4.6 million germs temporarily. Especially after surgery can also be infected because there are main endogenous microorganisms inside the patient.

Therefore, we must control and limit bacteria and viruses by following procedures such as using surgical masks, wearing hats, wearing specialized clothes and especially washing hands before surgery. Every operating room in a large or small hospital needs at least one set of tools, a surgical hand wash basin, also known as a “medical hand wash basin”.

Product description of Mefaco Composite hand sanitizer sink (bồn rửa tay phòng mổ):

Composite hand sanitiser is also known as aseptic hand wash basin. With a luxurious bright white design suitable for hospital space. Now has received the trust of many customers.

> The device is made of monolithic molded polyster resin and hangs on the wall, coated with Gelcoat porcelain enamel to resist stains, mold and antibacterial.
> The surface of the tub and edges are designed to be rounded, smooth, anti-stagnation, easy to clean, and resistant to bacteria growth.
> The output water for the user meets the standard of sterile water by the inlet filtration system and UV lamp sterilization (with lamp life control).
> The product is equipped with an automatic water opening sensor with convenient operation to ensure absolute sterility.
> Used as surgical hand wash basin, operating room hand wash basin and many other applications.
> Sanitizer sinks apply ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management systems.

Benefits of buying an operating room hand wash basin at MeFaco:

> We guarantee 100% genuine products
> The product has full papers and is licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Health
> Products with live demos for customers
> Medical hand wash basins are warranted for 2 years for the device
> Return equipment within 1 year


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