Why and how a plagiarism checker is important for researchers?

Do you know what’s the most threatening factor that may ruin your educational career? It’s plagiarism that can make your work useless and push you to lower positions in your field.

Plagiarism can be defined differently depends on the content that you are copying for your work.

Generally, we can say that plagiarism is the duplication of other’s words, ideas, and findings.

The duplication may be word to word or of a small patch of writings. It is not only a simple act but it is considered as the worst act that may fall in theft dimensions.

Plagiarism has become a routine thing for educational papers. Many students think that they don’t need to check their work for similarities as they are putting huge effort into their work.

This is a disappointing concept if you are following it and think with the same point.

Being a human, a researcher may memorize other author’s and researcher’s views while getting data from the internet.

Also, a researcher may have rewritten some lines from different published papers unintentionally.

Therefore, you should check your research paper for plagiarism before submitting it.

It will give you an exact idea that which sentences you have written badly from other papers and blogs.

To assist researchers, we are here to give you brief information about plagiarism and the concerned tools.

Why we have to use a plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism checkers have become the need of every researcher. It is because you can’t compare your paper or any other document by browsing billions of published web pages one by one.

Many people try to find plagiarism by this method. They copy their content and paste it into the search bar of Google or any other search engine.

They think that the search engine will show matches of their work on its page and they can find whether their work is duplicated or not.

Don’t be foolish while you are checking the work that you have completed after comprehensive research. Every day a lot of books are published on a search engine that a reader can buy only.

This type of search will not let you dive into those books and find duplications of your work even if they are available in them.

For such tasks, it is important to browse a plagiarism checker and use it for a reliable check.

Similarly, the manual check will take many hours or days to get the final results of your work.

During that period, a prominent number of documents will be published on the internet that a search engine may leave.

With a plagiarism checker, you will be able to compare your work with almost every paper available on the internet.

It won’t leave any paper, book, blog, or article to check your content uniqueness.

In the last, you can use its generated reports while submitting a research paper to publish it over the internet.

It will enable you to gain more interest from the instructor and tell him that you have done the right work.

Now, we will guide you on how you can check for plagiarism in any paper, blog, or document.

How to check plagiarism with a tool?

As we know from the above discussion that the tools are perfect to check plagiarism in our work. Now, we have to learn how we can check for this problem in our research papers.

Also, we must check out all the available methods to clear our concepts before choosing any of them.

To check plagiarism, you can choose both paid or free tools. Many people prefer paid tools for their tasks as they think that free tools are not accurate much.

It is not a right conception to leave a free checker and pick the other one. No doubt, paid tools to have some extra features that you won’t be able to find in a free tool.

But there are some free tools available that show more accurate and authentic results than any paid tool available on the internet.

We recommend you pick a free plagiarism checker and utilize it to find duplication in your work. You won’t have to be a computer expert to use a checker for any paper or blog.

First of all, you should get a free plagiarism checker and open it. Here you will find a text box where you have to input your data.

Don’t ever show carelessness while pasting your work in the given box as it might show bad results.

Many tools have filters like exclude quotes, exclude URL, exclude specific terms, and others.

You should use all of those filters or options according to your work requirements to get 100% authentic results. Once you have done this, you should hit on the given “Call to Action” button.

With this, the tool will start checking your content and compare it with all the published books or blogs.

You may have to wait for a while because it will take few minutes to explore such a vast database.

After completion, you will get a percentage of both unique and plagiarized content with links to matched sources. You can browse them and check which sentence or the fact you have copied.

By doing this, you will be able to check your work uniqueness and remove any duplication from it.

Tips to avoid plagiarism

We have researched a lot from the internet and got some tips to avoid plagiarism. These tips have worked for us to write unique content and pass from any plagiarism checker.

You must follow the following tips to avoid plagiarism in your paper.

Ø Learn how to write

Poor writing skills give rise to unintentional plagiarism that may show bad results.

When you don’t know how to write something in your paper, you won’t be able to express your ideas properly.

In turn, you have to get aid from other authors and you may write their findings as it is.

To avoid such cases, you should learn the necessary principles to write properly and make the readers convinced with your point.

Ø Improve your paraphrasing skills

No doubt, you can’t write 100% unique content due to vast data availability over the internet. You must have to paraphrase other author’s work and use their findings.

Rewriting or paraphrasing is not as a simple task as it looks like. A writer must be aware of the background knowledge of the original author’s view.

Before rewriting, you should get a deep knowledge about a topic from different sources. Also, you should add maximum words in your memory to use them at different points.

In short, you should sharpen your paraphrasing skills to get unique and harmless writings.

Ø Clear your concept about plagiarism

Many people don’t know what actually plagiarism is due to a lack of knowledge about the concept.

So, you should make it clear in your mind that what we can call plagiarism and what we can’t.

For example, every subject has specific terminologies that can’t be changed in any condition.

So, a researcher has to add those terms or definitions in his paper as it is without changing them.

In such a condition, you must know that this is not plagiarism and you can remove it easily. You only have to write that phrase under “Quotation marks”.

Once you have written like this, everyone will get that you have picked that statement from other sources.

Many other writing sections that are not considered plagiarized can be eliminated easily with such an easy step.

But you should know about the exact definition first before doing any action like the above.

Ø Cite Sources Properly

A researcher must use other authors or researcher’s findings in his work. Without using them, he won’t be able to support his paper.

Sometimes, those facts that you are using may take you towards plagiarism. To avoid this problem, you should cite every source while writing a paper.

You should give sources according to the writing style of your paper like MLA, APA, and others.

Many researchers feel it hard to do this because they collect data first and write after few days.

In such a case, it is normal that you might forget from where you have taken those particular facts.

In turn, you won’t be able to cite a source properly. It is the best practice to keep all the sources in a separate file while collecting data from the internet.

Then, you can easily paste that source wherever you want to add it without any problem.

Final Say

In recent decades, plagiarism has increased to a threatening level.

Many researchers or students are found guilty of this problem and punished in different forms like a rejection of the paper.

Now, you must avoid plagiarism using the above tips and write unique content to make your paper authentic on every platform.

Also, you should check plagiarism in your paper before submitting it to minimize the chances of any unexpected condition in the way of your progress.

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